Scientific Team

Professor Huttin C Christine (principal investigator for the prototype in North America). She founded in 1994 a virtual think tank to generate scientific evidence to health care decision makers ( She was for ten years a scientific coordinator for the EU. She worked on international scientific projects in the USA (Harvard and Berkeley universities), with the Partners (Boston) on various disease economic modeling to combine economic and clinical predictors to explain patterns of use and cost of chronic diseases. The new business method will combine her inventions for both survey methods and econometric modeling (especially in the field of health sciences) ( see Ios Press Book on patient charges and original clinical economics in Disease Management and Outcome (2003)

Professor McFadden Daniel (scientific sponsor, Nobel prize 2000 on economic choices, expert on new econometric modeling and links with survey methods in dynamic environments, economic professor UC Berkeley University)

Quote from the conclusion of his Nobel Prize lecture “economic choices”:
“An important interdisciplinary interaction has developed between economic choice analysis and market research. The experimental methods used in market research permit elucidation and measurement of the workings of the decision making process…..In particular, conjoint analysis, a method for eliciting stated preference within a classical experimental design provides data that… can add considerably to the ability to predict ….. decisions”.

Clinical and pharmacists investigators from Partners’ hospital, Boston

Dr. Bentkover Judith (health care product economist, Innovative Health Solutions CEO, expertise for survey designs on product economics)

Association with research centres or faculty from University Paul Cezanne and University of Connecticut.

Management team available upon request

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