New Measures for Affordability

"BioCase Study/ ENDEPUSresearch Spin Out: A Cost Sensitivity Simulator for Health Care Decision-Making" (link), Christine C. Huttin, The Journal of Biolaw and Business, 9:3 (2006)

Abstract:This article presents the creation of an emerging Research and Development organization called ENDEPUSresearch, Inc. It is an academic spinout for a technology transfer of Professor Huttin's inventions resulting from fifteen years of academic experience in European institutions and collaborations with US and Asian universities. The technology in development is a methodology and system for decision makers in health care. The new type of health care software will integrate cognitive economic data that may restrain cost sensitive physicians from rational decision making and use of evidence based medicine or patients compliance to their choices. Linked to macro level data, such individual level data can be useful not only for education outreach but also for health care budget forecasts, especially in the context of health care financing reforms. Endepusresearch Inc's Technology is currently under patent filing under business method and system.

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