Main Applications

1. Cost management in health service delivery:

Examples of two key targets in the USA

⇒ The medical profession: “cost sensitive primary care physicians” estimation: 15% of American primary care physicians: 7,980,000 in 2008

⇒ Pharmaceutical Benefit Managers (PBMs): estimation: 400 millions lives divided in four market segments (HCFA,2001):
Tier 1: Pubs representing more than 20 millions covered lives
Tier 2: Smaller PBMs and those own by retail chains
Tier 3: Captives: insurer-owned PBMs
Tier 4: Others

2. Market simulation:

The decision tool fits the need of better adherence to treatment and improved diffusion of scientific evidence in primary care groups. Medicines markets over 500,000 patients are estimated to be reachable at this point.

3. Prediction for disease surveillance

The decision tool can be used for anticipation of shortage of supply of medicines, vaccines and devices.

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